I have used Dependable Towing several times to transport cars for me and my family. I couldn’t find their phone number so I was looking on here and I was shocked to see a few bad experiences. Since I have used them several times, I wanted to voice my support for all of the folks at Dependable Towing. They have always been honest and straight forward with me and my family.

I think it is a shame that a few people who may have had a bad experience try to bring a company down. (12/3/2016)



The car was last minute to transport and Randy the driver called the day before he was to pick up the car and explained it would be the next day. Randy showed up at 9pm Thursday and he was Fast, understanding, and very open minded to my concerns with the car for transport. Randy ensured me it was in good hands. He also explained it would be in on Saturday and it was right as he said and called ahead of time to have someone ready to pick up the car. I have never done this before but if and when I do again Dependable will be my first choice. Remember that anyone can tell you a price and low ball you on the quote but Dependable was up front and to the point with no run around. The transport company was Dependable tow and recovery and Randy is an asset to this company for what he does day in and day out. I watched how he had to move these cars around on a 10 car transport and it is a huge job. Thanks againĀ  for your honesty and thank you Randy for your personal service with a consumers needs. (2/2/2016)



I have my car shipped every year from NY to WY and vice versa. Last year I used a major national company and was extremely disappointed. This year I tried Dependable Tow & Recovery and they did everything by the book and were actually early in delivery.

I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE AND I HAVE. I am a doctor and I have had a couple of colleagues use this company and they too have been extremely happy.

A+ Rating for Dependable!! (3/17/2016)